August 13 update – Welcome Back To School

by essdack admin on August 13, 2013

Greeting potential lip balm contest participants,

I hope you all had a good summer and you’re ready to get started on the new school year. First the bad news, we did not get the grant for the lip balm contest, but that won’t deter us, we’re moving ahead anyway 🙂 it will however mean that we will have a few alterations to our plan.

We will begin contacting you on a regular basis through the website immediately. So pay attention and please post questions on the website so that everyone can benefit from the interaction.

1. We will not be able to pay expenses for participating schools.

2. We will do as many activities as possible virtually so that you may attend without leaving your school, and refer back to them at any time.

3. For those activities that we do face-to-face, we will also webcast so if you are unable to attend you will still be able to view the activity. In addition, even if you do attend that will allow you to review the activities at your leisure.

4. We are in the process of creating tutorial videos to help you with the process.

Once again, the goal is simply to see which team can make the greatest profit selling lip balm.


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