Buhler Economic Development Board

by essdack admin on March 21, 2013

184796_519182928123107_628329346_nI was invited to speak yesterday to the Economic Development Board in Buhler. Mike Berblinger, Principal at Buhler High School, is a member of that board and he wanted to make the board aware of the Rural Online Business contest, and his school’s participation.

It was a real pleasure because it turned into a conversation rather than a  presentation. There were entrepreneurs and local business leaders, and their enthusiasm for the contest was very heartening. They offered to help with the Buhler students in the contest and they seemed to be especially excited about mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

As a result of the conversation I am even more convinced that we are on the right path. We will undoubtedly face challenges is pulling off this project, but I have complete faith in all of you as leaders and problem solvers.

If I can help you in your community with these types of groups, please don’t hesitate to ask, I love doing it.


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