Lip Balm


1.75 ounces of beeswax pastilles

3/4 cup soybean oil (Crisco cooking oil)

1 teaspoon essential oil  (I choose Tangerine because I thought both men and women would like the flavor.)

Use a double boiler.  I used a 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup in a pan of water.  This made it easy to pour into the tubes.

Over medium heat, add beeswax and soybean oil.  Stir until melted/dissolved.  Stir in essential oil.  Stir to mix.

Pour into lip balm tubes.   Allow time to cool before placing on lids and labels.

Resources and suggestions:

* I Googled lip balm tubes and the beeswax pastilles to find the lowest price.  It is the cost of the beeswax and shipping that make the difference.  The essential oil is cheap.  SKS Science is a little cheaper than Mountain Herbs.

* I suggest the kids use the beeswax pastilles versus the blocks of beeswax since it melts a lot faster and easier to measure.  Also, I order 8 pounds of beeswax and have made 400 lip balms.   Needless to say, I still have about 7 pounds of beeswax.

* You can buy plastic trays to place the tubes in during pouring.  They cost about $15.  My husband used a piece of junk wood and drilled holes for me.  Not pretty, but it works.

* I use the small Avery return address labels from Walmart to make a label.  I am not real happy with the look of the label on the tube since it only covers a small space.  It is easy for my kindergartners to place on the tube, but I would have older kids look for a more graphic pleasing label.

* I charge $2 a tube.

* Since shipping is a huge percentage cost on the tubes, the group needs to order as many as they think they will sell.  I only order 100 the first time and had to reorder the week after filling orders.

If you or the group have any questions, feel free to contact me.  This is an easy project to make that sells easily.

Rhonda Roux

Kindergarten Educator

Walton Rural Life Center

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