Question: What do people think is a ballpark expense for this project?

by essdack admin on August 14, 2013

I received the following question from Brenda Vogts from Canton Galva and since it was a great question I thought I’d share my answer with everyone. HOWEVER, I would love to hear your response to the question as a comment to this post!

“I would like to start pursuing funding for this project but would like to know what people think is a ballpark expense for this project?”

There are several “it depends” in my response and I’ve listed some examples below.

So my answer to your question is to do some math and get close. THEN have each team of kids do the exact same process. A valuable skill for them will be estimating startup costs. One of the first decision any new startup business needs to make is. “how much money do I need to start?”

Also, if at all possible I would have the students pursue the funding. Another very important skill to learn.

Here is an example of some costs:

Lip Balm Tubes
100 –  $11.35
1,000 – $108.95

Lip Balm Tube Colored Caps
100 – $4.50
1,000 – $40.00

Lip Balm Tube filling tray

16 oz – $29.95

50 lbs – $79.00

Web Hosting services
$7.00 per month

So it depends!

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