Tip: Self-directedness and online resources

by essdack admin on August 26, 2013

We hear it all the time from employers. I wish that students were … more self directed … showed more initiative … took charge … were better problem solvers. One way your kids can develop these “habits” is by learning to direct their own learning, and then take the initiative to use what they have learned. This contest is the great platform for kids to do just that.

When they need to know how to do something don’t give them the answer. Ask them leading questions and let them learn how on their own. Then let them apply their newly acquired shills and knowledge to solve their own problem.

The number of resources available to our students is almost mind blowing. I suggest, with close supervision, that you help your students learning to use YouTube. There are videos describing and showing how to do just about everything they’ll need to know to start and run their online business.

Teachers don’t need to know everything in advance and they certainly shouldn’t make all the decisions. The only way to develop the skills above, and many others, is to practice doing them. So, with supervision, turn them lose to practice.

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